Account Factory

The Account Factory contract is used to deploy immutable ERC-4337 smart accounts with role based permission control. The Account contract is a simple smart account contract that comes with all the basic benefits of account abstraction, along with the mentioned default features. App developers can issue Account smart accounts programmatically by deploying an AccountFactory smart contract. The Account smart contract is non-upgradeable. Developers should use this wallet if they do not anticipate making any future upgrades to their users' wallets.

thirdweb’s smart accounts have the following features by default:

  • Have multiple signers with different permissions
  • Execute transactions (single and batched).
  • Send and receive native tokens.
  • Send and receive ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs.
  • Multicall-able.
  • Store contract metadata.


This contract includes the following extensions:

Use Cases & Examples

Use the AccountFactory contract alongside the Connect SDK to easily use account abstraction in your projects: